April 26, 2009

Georges Laraque - good all-around guy

My friend Su had posted something up on Facebook last night about Georges Laraque, who plays for the Montréal Canadiens. I'd read something about his website earlier in the day yesterday, and I let her know about his website. Turns out, that was a good thing.

I guess she was going thru his site, and she found that he'd linked to a blog post of hers that she had written about him last summer. Needless to say, she was thrilled and emailed him about that last night. I guess since she's emailed him, he's emailed her back twice in response to her emails - in one night.

He's one of her favorite athletes - partly because he used to play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but also because of all of the philanthropic stuff that he does. She's asked him to put her name on that blog post she wrote that he's put on his page, which I'm sure he'll do. She said that she got the impression that someone had passed that blog post of hers on to him.

She's like me in that personality and charitable acts really do make a difference when it comes to the athletes you like. I mean, a big reason I like the guys that I do has to do with their personalities. And the fact that their good people also makes a big difference. Talent, yeah, that's impressive, but who they are as people is even more so.

Personality trumps talent, in my opinion. Incidentally, Su's also bought something from Vinny Lecavalier's website to help out with his charity. And I totally would if I could. But that's just the kind of person that she is.

Su's struggled with her writing over the last season. Not because she doesn't know what to write, but because she doesn't think it's good enough. All of us that know her keep telling her that it is, which helps, but she's still insecure about it. So hopefully the fact that one of her favorite NHL players linked to her blog and a blog post that she'd written about him - and was kind enough to write her back so promptly about it when she wrote him - will help her confidence.

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