April 23, 2009

Gainey blames the Lightning for the Montreal sweep?

Gainey lashes out at Lightning

I suppose it's easier to throw this kind of stuff out there when you're pretty sure you're going to be fired. Is Montréal a mess or what? Yikes. They don't quite rival how the Lightning were this season, but they certainly have their problems.

So I guess Montréal wasn't the only team that Tampa Bay was talking to about trading Lecavalier, huh?

You know what Gainey's trying to do. He's trying to discredit the Lightning ownership/management so that they'll be less likely, or even unable, to swing a trade with Montréal - in the event that Gainey's fired, which he's almost certainly will be. His comments are spiteful, and I'm sure he'd like nothing more than to spite all of the entire city of Montréal at this point by preventing the hometown boy Lecavalier from playing there. And possibly in the rest of Canada as well, since Canadian-based teams seem to be susceptible to that kind of propaganda. It won't stop most American-based teams from trying if they can afford to, tho. It's not to prevent Tampa from trading Lecavalier, but to prevent Montréal from getting him.

This whole thing is just damned awful. I wish the Lightning didn't have to trade Vinny - but they probably will. And when they do, I'm done with Tampa Bay - no matter what happens. I'm not sure I can take another season of their arrogantly ignorant incompetence.

I don't think they're bad people. I just think that they're bad hockey team owners and managers. They don't seem to have a lot of business sense, nor do they seem to even have much common sense. And it takes them a long time to learn from their mistakes.

It's one thing to be new and to try to figure things out as you go along. It's another thing entirely to not have some kind of plan going in. If they did, they never shared it with anyone publicly, nor did they appear to have one if you look at the sum of all of their moves. I mean, who goes into buying a hockey team, guts the management and coaching staff, and then doesn't have some kind of a plan?

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