April 28, 2009

Canada is not the solution for the NHL

New battle lines are drawn

"Paul Kelly went to the meeting — he brought common sense with him to that meeting and said, hey, this might work. [Moving a team into Toronto] might work a little better than some of these other areas that are down south and we just can't seem to fix."
These people make me tired. There's a reason why teams had to leave Winnipeg and Québec City. Heck, Edmonton can barely support an NHL team most years. Just because a team is in Canada does not automatically guarantee revenue.

I support the idea of possibly moving a team into the Greater Toronto area if there isn't any other choice for that team available, but the reality is that there aren't many other Canadian cities that can support an NHL team.

And so much for Sunbelt teams being unworthy. Two of the four remaining teams in the Eastern Conference are from the Southeast Division. Not to mention there's still Anaheim in the Western Conference. So that makes three of the last eight playoff teams playing in the NHL this season technically from the Sunbelt, doesn't it. Funny how that works.

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