March 16, 2009

The Tampa Bay Lightning in yet another state of limbo?

Does Bill Davidson's Death Affect the [Tampa Bay] Lightning?

Now here's something that didn't even occur to me. I'm sure it didn't occur to most people. Makes you wonder, tho, doesn't it?


  1. Not really. Reading an article this morning in the St Pete Times. Kolzig was quoted as saying that Lecavalier , ST Louis and Halpren kept the spirits up for the rest of the team even when all the Barry Melrose crap and the rumors of the fianancial problems etc. I doubt the death of Mr Davidson is nothing more than just sadness than anything else. Besides most of the staff and players who know him aren't even working for the team now anyway. Think about that!

  2. Not really. Reading an article in the St Pete Times this morning Kolzig was quoted in saying that Lecavalier,St Louis and Halpren really kept the teams spirits up through Melrose drama to money issues. I'm sure the death of Mr Davidson is more than likely just sadness and respect for the man. Besides all the people that worked for him are somewhat gone. Not too many players knew him either.

  3. i see you didn't read the article i linked to. it's not about the players, it's about the owners. the current ownership group got the loan to buy the team from the previous team owner. and if Davidson's heirs don't want to honor it, then there could be trouble.