March 11, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 67: at Ottawa

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Ottawa Senators in overtime 3-2.

Despite losing, this was a really good game. Although, I have to admit, my initial impression of seeing the Lightning in the first was that they were very tired. I wasn't sure that they'd be able to shake that off for the rest of the game or not. But they seemed to get more energy as the game went along.

The calls were definitely going Tampa Bay's way. There were some things that were called on Ottawa that were pretty questionable. That no-goal call on Spezza probably should've been a goal, for instance.

Special teams were where they played best. They played pretty well on the power play - and particularly well with the first couple of penalties called against the Senators. But they were great on the penalty kill. Especially with the number of shorthanded rushes they were able to generate.

They had a lot of problems getting out of their own zone for the first half of the game, tho. They could break thru the neutral zone shorthanded, but had troubles getting thru even strength. They weren't staggered enough coming out of their own zone, so they couldn't go very far. They got better with that as the game went along.

They were fantastic with the faceoffs. They also did well holding Ottawa below 30 shots. The Lightning pretty much kept up with the shooting, for the most part, but didn't break 25 shots for the game.

Lecavalier had a great game. Sure, he didn't score, but he dominated everywhere else. And that behind-the-back-thru-the-legs pass to himself was disgusting. He's such a dog for being able to do things like that during games. I'm so jealous - I wish I could've done stuff like that when I played. But then, I was a defenseman, too.

St. Louis-Stamkos-Malone line was the best one out there. They had six shots on goal. Of course, Stamkos had five of those shots all on his own. Strange that St. Louis didn't have any shots on goal. I wonder if that's right.

Ramo was great too. He was so on. Too bad they weren't able to pull out the win for him.

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