March 20, 2009

Lightning, Bolt, Flash, Thunder?

Hey guys.

First of all I need to apologize that it took me so long to write something for this blog. I joined almost two weeks ago and didn't do or write anything. I'm sorry for that. Anyway... This is my first post here so I really hope you'll like it. I'm gonna show you my favorite Tampa Bay Lightning players and give you some reasons why I admire and love them so much. Don't worry... it's gonna be short and brief. I'll try to cover only the main points. So here we go...

Martin St. Louis #26

He's been a Bolt ever since I've became a Lightning fan. I've never seen him playing in any other colors but blue, black, white and silver. I love his speed. I love his great passing. I love his backward skating in the shootout. He's wonderful "alternate" and I will never forget what he showed in the '04 playoffs (and in many other games of course). He's small and big at the same time.

Mike Smith #41

I've always liked goalies. I usually have a kind of a bound to the goalie of my fav team. As much as I hated seeing Brad Richards leaving I loved seeing Smitty coming to Tampa. He's definitely great goalie and he'll be becoming better and better (as soon as he's healthy). I love how he can handle his stick. I saw him make lots of tremendous saves which blew me away. Marty St. Louis said that _"he's a competitor... he always has to be the best out there"_ and I loved it.

Vaclav Prospal #20

Vaclav "Vinny" Prospal has always been my favorite player. I saw him in the Czech national team first and I really liked his passion and dedication to the team and game. And he became a Bolt the same season as I did - 2001/2002. It's a real shame that the season he played for the Ducks was the 2003/2004 season. I'd love to see him hoisting the Cup as a Lightning guy. He's great and I love seeing him after scoring a goal. I love seing him that happy.

Ryan Malone #12

Oh, Ryan. To be honest, I didn't know much about him before he became a Bolt. Well... I've never had much interest in the Pittsburgh, you know? Anyway, Ryan's got under my skin. I don't know how or why but it happened. He's my favorite. I think he's a kind of a tough guy who takes some stupid penalties sometimes but on the other hand he's amazing in front of the net waiting for rebounds or deflections. And he can make some good hits when it's needed. That's what I really like about him.

Steven Stamkos #91

My lovely rookie. I was really excited about him when he was drafted by the Lightning and I couldn't have wait to see him playing. I've always had trust in him even though so many people around were saying he's not good enough to be in the NHL. I don't think so. I think Stammer is very skilled and talented guy. I love how hard he tries to become a better hockey player. I love his shootout goals from behind his legs (he's been doing it in OHL). I'm looking forward to see him grow.

Vincent Lecavalier #4

How can I write something about Vinny and make it short, without too many emotions and words like "love", "passion", "best", "sweet", "cute"... Ok, ok I'm little bit carried away. Again. Some people might think that I became a Lightning fan because of him and his beautiful eyes. That's not true. I didn't know Vinny before I started to cheer for the Lightning. But then I started to pay attention to him and I was like: _"Who's that guy with number four?"_ (you need to know that I didn't know much about the NHL yet, I was a rookie NHL fan, you could say). I was blown away. Not by his cute childish face but by his skills and his game. I had only few chances to watch him though (not that I have much more of them now). So it took a while to become as huge admirer as I am now.

I think, oh wait... I KNOW that I am the biggest and the most dedicated Vinny's fan in the Czech Republic. If you say "Lecavalier" aloud in front of me it gives me goose bumps. If I see a picture of him it makes me smile. If I see him smiling (or even laughing) in some video, it makes my day. I've got two Vinny's jerseys and I could stare at them all day long. Yes, I am definitely that crazy about him.

But don't get me wrong... it's absolutely not only about his physical aspects. It's mainly about him as a hockey player. Player, who gives everything to the game - his strength, his skills, his heart, his mind and his soul. I love watching him play (even though it's not as often as I wish). When Vinny's on his game it seems to me that he's flying. His game is so light. His passing is so intelligent. And his shots are pretty amazing. I love him as a captain. I think he's the right one. He stands up for his teammates anytime the situation asks for it. Yes, he's not definitely a great fighter but when the gloves are dropped he'll go for it with 100%.

I'm so sorry for making this so long... I could carry on writing about Vinny actually but I don't want you to get bored. Enough is enough.

So, to close all of this... Vinny is my #1. That's obvious. And he always will be.

What would make me the most happiest person in the world? Try to guess... :)

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  1. Great blog as usual! Don't blame you for gushing over Vinny he's HOT! Hope to see the team do beter next season! I too love the Bolts! Been watching since 1996. Hopefully they can work out the kinks! See ya!