March 5, 2009


We interupt this blog for a very important announcement....

We have a new blogger joining us. Her name is Katchis, and she's a Lightning fan. She's also a closet Flyers fan as well. So I hope we get a little bit of both from her, if she's up to it.

She's joining us all the way from the Zlin in the Czech Republic. Don't worry - she can hold her own in both English & Czech. She'll be posting her thoughts and ideas about hockey periodically for all of us to enjoy. And hopefully we'll learn a little about the Czech Republic - the country, the language, and their hockey - along the way.

Thanks for joining us, Katchis! Welcome, and we look forward to reading your posts.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging....


  1. Hey welcome to the website! You and I have blogged each other on before. You and I share the love of #4 on the Bolts! Talk to ya later!

  2. Thanks a LOT for this great welcome! I really appreciate it. Thanks!