March 16, 2009

Basketball (and hockey) tournament picks

One Who Did It Best Tells How to Pick ’Em

This might be for NCAA men's basketball tournament, but I think that this also works for hockey. Basketball and hockey are very similar positionally. What makes a successful basketball team also makes a successful hockey team.

If you disregard the goalie in hockey, the center is still doing what centers do - playing in front of (or under in basketball) the net at either end. The hockey wingers are the basketball forwards - down low in the offensive zone and up higher in the defensive zone. And the defensemen are the guards - up high in the offensive zone and down low in the defensive zone.

This might help: Basketball Positions (positions on court in offensive zone - picture)

Basketball is a little bit slower game than hockey, since it's not played on ice skates, but the idea is the same. So this not only helps you with your March Madness bracket, but also with the NHL playoffs. I think the advice is pretty much valid for both.

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