February 22, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 60: vs Boston

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Boston Bruins 4-3.

You know, I thought that the Lightning played a much better game against New Jersey a couple of games ago. Of course, I shouldn't really complain since they did win. And against the Eastern Conference's first place team, no less.

I see that they're back to allowing 40+ shots a night again. I'd hoped they'd gotten past that. Luckily, Ramo was up for it.

Halpern scored for the first time in a long time - so good for him. I'd been wondering for a while now about Halpern - if he was playing with an injury or still recovering from his knee surgery. I consider him to be one of the better players, and leaders, on the team - one of the core guys - so it's good to see him doing better than he has been.

So much for the officials calling things against the Lightning. The other night at Carolina was a little shady, but this game was pretty evenly called, I thought. And the officials even helped Tampa Bay out by calling two consecutive penalties on the Bruins in the last few minutes of the game. Sort of blows a hole in the theory that everyone's out to get them, don't you think?

Ramo was, by far, the best player for the Lightning. He had to be for them to win it. Faceoffs weren't that great, they weren't shooting the puck all that much, and as I've already mentioned, they allowed Boston 43 shots on goal. Without a good goaltender backing them up and keeping them in the game, Boston would've won this in a blowout.

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