February 20, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 58: vs New Jersey

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost in a shootout 3-2 to the New Jersey Devils.

I thought that the Lightning had a pretty good game, actually. They did pretty well defensively, although, there were a couple of breakdowns towards the end of regulation, and they were consistent in how they played New Jersey. They definitely held their own for the entire game, and you really can't ask for much more than that.

While face offs were one of the best aspects of the game for them, penalties and special teams weren't so much. Both of the goals that the Devils scored in regulation were power play goals - one on a Lecavalier penalty, and the other on a St. Louis penalty. If they'd played the penalty kill like they'd played the rest of the game, things might've gone better for them.

Malone had both Tampa Bay goals, and they were both very pretty. For the first time all season, they were fairly consistent all game in their play. In a good way. There have been plenty of times where'd they'd been consistent in a bad way all game. So I think they're really getting this hockey thing to work for them these days.

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