February 4, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 52: at Pittsburgh

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins with 16 seconds left in overtime by a score of 4-3.

The Lightning had a shutout going up until 2:25 of the third period. Going into the third, they were ahead 3-0. The Pittsburgh scored four unanswered goals. Crosby was pretty much invisible, but Malkin was pretty much unstoppable - particularly in the third period and overtime.

I felt bad for McKenna. He should've had a shutout in his NHL debut. But he didn't.

Despite getting four goals scored on him, I was very impressed with McKenna's poise in goal. This was his first NHL start against two of the league's leading scorers, and he played like a 10-year veteran. His calm demeanor really reminded me a lot of Martin Brodeur, actually. Sure, he had his defensemen dropping like flies to stop pucks in front him, but he did very well on his own, too. If this is how he normally plays, the Lightning might have quite the goaltending tandem.

There is just one glaring stat that stands out above the rest. The Lightning had a total of ten shots on goal for the second, third, and overtime periods - altogether. That's it. Just ten shots on Fleury for the last 45 minutes of the game.

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