January 22, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 47: vs. Buffalo

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Buffalo Sabres 5-3.

I felt that the Lightning were a bit inconsistent in their effort, but they managed to pull out the win. Penalties didn't help. But then, I suppose they never do. There were just some big momentum shifts in this game between the two teams.

The defense, as cobbled together as it was, was great. Frankly, if I were one of the coaches, I think I'd keep this crowd together for a while. They seem to have some chemistry. And, they also seem to have something of a scoring touch as well.

The second period was a shooting gallery. Each team had three goals. And out of the total six goals scored, three of those were power play goals. Two of those were for Buffalo, tho. Still, the Lightning did convert on two of their four power plays for the game.

It's always nice to go out on a high note before any kind of break, isn't it?

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