January 19, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 46: vs. Dallas

The Tampa Bay Lightning beat the Dallas Stars 4-2.

I think that the tone of the game was set when Tampa Bay had two penalties called on them in the first three minutes of the game. Eventually, the Lightning had seven penalties called against them for the game, only one of which was actually converted on by Dallas. The Stars only had two penalties called against them, with their first coming at three minutes left in the second period.

The first Lightning penalty resulted in two goals. There was a shorthanded goal for, and a power play goal against. Lecavalier had a great breakaway that he scored on, while Richards - 20 seconds later - got the power play goal.

It almost seemed like they were trying to one-up the other with that. Much was made about the fact that Lecavalier and Richards were playing against each other for the first time in their lives. They weren't on the ice together much, but when they were, they seemed to avoid each other when they could.

Inevitably, the question that will be asked is who did better. Until Lecavalier scored the game-winner towards the end of the third period, I was thinking that Richards had had a better game. After that goal, I'd say it ended up in a tie.

The other individual competition going on was between Smith and Turco. Looking at shots on, goals allowed, and power plays they had to face, I'd say that Smith one that. Although, Turco didn't have a bad game, either.

Tampa Bay did a fantastic job on the penalty kill, tho. They did only allow one goal - on the first power play of the night, I might add - in seven power plays. So they went six straight penalty kills without letting anything in. That's pretty impressive, really.

The first period, they had a lot of jump coming out. And then that all disappeared in the second. I'm not sure if the adrenaline wore off or if the penalties that were being called on them were taking both a physical or mental toll. They managed to shake it off during the third period, which was really good. And came from behind to win, no less.

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