January 17, 2009

Tampa Bay Game 45: vs. Florida

The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to the Florida Panthers 4-3.

The first period was great. If they'd kept doing the little things that they were doing in the first, then they probably would've won this game. But they didn't.So they lost.

Somehow, it all fell apart on them in the second period. I think it was Florida switching out their goalies that threw them off. Sometimes this team thinks very rigidly, and so the unexpected screws them up. After watching them all season, that's the only thing I can figure, anyways.

And it wasn't even what was going on in the offensive zone that messed them up. The reason that Florida got back into this game was because everyone was standing around when the Panthers got into the defensive zone. At least on two of the Panthers' goals were because of Lightning players - both forwards and defense, I might add - weren't skating but standing around waiting for Florida players to come to them.

If only life actually worked that way, huh?

After that, for the last half of the game after Florida came back to tie it up, there seemed to be this disconnect between the Lightning forwards and their defensemen. It seemed to me like the defense stuck to the game plan while the forwards were completely disorganized. I'm not sure what that was about, exactly, but it didn't work very well.

The sad thing is that the Lightning dominated the game statistically. They out shot the Panthers, won more face offs, had more power play opportunities, and, accordingly, took fewer penalties. By rights, Tampa Bay should've won this game handily. Especially being up 3-1 at the beginning of the second.


  1. The problem with the Bolts is that FL has always owned them. We could ( in the past) get by the big teams but always had a difficult time with the crappy teams. I think the change of goaltenders made that much of a difference. Sometimes that is enough. So, the question is are you a loyal fan or are you disgusted enough to walk away yet Cassie?

  2. Not until they trade Lecavalier. See the previous blog posted above.