January 8, 2009

On other hockey blogs today....

Chris Chelios vs. Scott Stevens: Who was the better player?

This one is just beyond me. I've been going around and around for an hour or so trying to decide, and I can't. I'm leaning towards Chelios at the moment, but that might change. Maybe I'll get back to everyone about that later?

Hockey players are just different

For those of us that follow hockey, we all already know this. That's a big part of the reason we love the sport - because we respect the guys who play it. No, my question is, do you think he'd write blogs for me if I asked him nicely?

I might have to give that a try in the comments and see what happens. The worst he can say is no - or not answer at all - right? Assuming he gets to read my comment, of course. I'm not sure if this page is moderated for him by someone else or not.

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